Artificial Intelligence and the Evolution of Business

Is Artificial Intelligence on the Brink of Changing Business Forever?

Human beings have always looked to technology to improve various aspects of our lives. A little over two decades ago the Internet, a technology previously used almost exclusively by the military and academia, developed a wider use as the home computer became commonplace in everyday households. In the 1990’s entrepreneurs, seizing on the new opportunities provided by the Internet, began to develop a new digital marketplace.

Amazon and other tech companies would quickly rise to become some of the most successful businesses in the world by catering to an audience that increasingly used the Internet in their everyday lives. Social media would come soon after and revolutionize the way we interact with to each other. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it is easier than ever to connect with people from all over the world. And with social media came the ability to create your own personal digital identities, which in turn influenced the way we consumed the world. The digital space became personal, as we can curate our social media feeds to represent the world as we wanted to see it. It was personalization. And personalization affects how we consumed marketing and the business who market to us.

Now more than ever people want the products and brands that we buy from to see us as we are. And with the internets deluged with billions of gigabytes of our data, marketers are struggling to keep their content relevant. Sorting through this data is hard work. But Artificial Intelligence could help businesses to deliver the engaging content audiences desire at the large scale that we consume it.

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to sort through data and content with much more ease that a person can, delivering the best results based on the data that they find. AI can also help businesses and brands work better internally. AI will have the ability to use the information it analyzes from across the business to recommend the best course of action for each department and it will have the intelligence to adapt to sudden changes keeping it and the business up to date and on task. AI can be programmed to fulfill the goals of a business more efficiently, freeing up employees from menial tasks so that they can be more creative and productive with their time. AI can help businesses extend their influence by allowing them to target their potential audience more precisely than previously possible because of the amount of data it can process.

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