Your New Assistant is Artificially Intelligent: How AI Can Improve Marketing

AI: Your behind-the-scenes marketing companion

It is becoming clear that Artificial intelligence is the new frontier in the world of technology. Now more than ever we are discovering the benefits that AI can bring in our everyday lives. Every other person you meet probably has a smartphone, tablet, or other smart device programmed with a digital assistant powered by AI. We are using AI to order food, to wake us up in the morning, to find new restaurants to try. And now we are beginning to integrate AI into our work life, making it easier to do our jobs easier. In the realm of marketing we are seeing just how effective AI technology can be to advance the creative process.

To market is to promote or sell a product or service through creative advertisement. The core of creating any successful marketing campaign is understanding human behavior, particularly what compels people to purchase something. And in the 21st century the desire for advertisement to not only be entertaining but to speak to us on a more personal level is more popular than ever. We want to know that brands are listening to us and care about the things we care about. And marketers are relying on research and data to deliver the content we crave.

Marketing analysts regularly sift through huge amounts of data to find patterns in human behavior in order to determine what trends are most popular, what kinds of ads get the most clicks, etc. in order to determine how they will market to people. Sorting through this plethora of data is tedious and takes time away from the more creative aspects of marketing. But with the help of machine learning software and Artificial Intelligence, marketing professionals can now comb through vast amounts of data in an instant and analyze patterns faster, leaving them more time to bring a creative human touch to their marketing campaigns. Unlike humans, AI can sort through far more amounts of data at much faster rates and are less likely to make human mistakes whilst sifting through the data.

With AI, marketers can focus more closely on the unique needs of their audience. AI driven data analysis also allows marketers to get a more accurate picture of who their audience is. The insight gathered by this data can help marketers to establish better and longer-term relationships with their audience, improving overall brand and audience interactions. Human beings will always want a human touch to their content, so marketers don’t have to worry about losing their jobs to machines. Rather AI will allow them to unlock their creative brain more fully by lightening their workload and giving them the information they need to be more innovative with their marketing approach.

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