AI: Advancing the World of Marketing

Every day we get closer to living in the future once only imaginable in science fiction novels and movies. Artificial Intelligence has brought much needed efficiency and ease to tasks that once consumed much of our time. AI has the ability to process data much faster than any human mind, allowing us to examine more data and get more insights than ever before. With more data at our fingertips we can be much more adept at decision making. For product makers and service providers, AI is a valuable tool to deliver the best results to their customers, especially when it comes to marketing.

Transforming the World of Marketing

The purpose of any marketing strategy is to attract and maintain he attention of potential customers in order to increase the chance of a sale. In order to attract the most potential customers, marketers must be strategic in their approach, making sure that their potential audience feels seen. Before AI, marketers had to collect and process by hand. This process is time consuming and arduous and not always the most effective. When processing data by hand, there is a greater possibility for human error, which can set projects back if not found and fixed early. AI has allowed us to process a lot more data in a shorter amount of time with much less risk of error. AI can be programmed to recognize patterns and draw insights from them in seconds, allowing marketers more time to focus on the creative and personal aspect of marketing. This means generating advertisement that is much more personal and relevant to potential customers in a fraction of the time it used to take to produce a traditional ad.

Digital Marketing

In the age of the Internet, AI is an absolute necessity for marketing. In order to reach potential customers, product makers and service providers must meet them where they are. In the 21st century, this means reaching out to potential customers via the Internet. The vast majority of us spend our time engaged with the internet, either on our computers or our smart phones. With eyes glued to screens, digital marketing is probably the most effective tactic a marketer can use to attract an audience. And AI can help marketers to produce digital content that matters to us. The data that AI can collect can help marketers to not only generate leads but also create marketing campaigns that are much more personalized. We know that personalized marketing is much more effective in attracting long-term customers, so producing interesting and individualized content is key to maintaining relevance. AI can process user data in order to produce topics of interest and give digital content produce pertinent ideas from which to generate content. This means creating blog posts, videos, social media posts, etc. that feel personal and thoughtful. For consumers, having more personalized direct content is much more enticing than being deluged by a bunch of ads for products that they would never by. The insight gathered from Ai can help marketers the customer’s interests in mind first.

AI and the Customer

AI can also be programmed to help solve problems that customers may have while using a product or service. Businesses should to their best to answer any question their customers may have about their product or service in order to provide quality assurance to their customer. But many businesses, especially small to medium sized enterprises simply do not possess the time or the bandwidth to answer every question a potential customer may have. In this instance, AI can be a valuable tool to address customer concerns. Business can set up AI-powered chatbots on their websites to answer customer questions. with customers. Using the data collected from customers that interact with them, chatbots learn and grow in order to provide better answers and services to customers. AI is still in its infancy, so chatbots are mainly used to answer frequently asked questions, but as technology evolves, chatbots have the potential to provide the same level of customer service as a human being.

Predictive Analytics and AI Powered Marketing

Picture this: You are scrolling through Instagram and suddenly have a craving for doughnuts. Next thing you know an ad pops up advertises a doughnut shop in your area. You think “How did Instagram know what I was thinking?” The answer is predictive analytics powered by AI and machine learning. AI has the power to draw incredibly specific insights about us from the data that we produce with our online habits. And this data can be used by marketers to create online content that is meaningful to us. For example, have a habit for following K-beauty trends, AI will deduce that Korean skincare and beauty trends is what is interesting to you. With that insight, an algorithm can be used to generate K-beauty related ad content specifically towards you. This kind of targeted marketing is much more likely to generate sales and it is only possible because of AI’s ability process so much data. Every day, human beings produce more that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, an amount of data that would be impossible to sort through without AI. Ai not only allows marketers to better understand customer habits, it can actually allow them to generate and send relevant content to consumers without consumers having to look for it. AI can help marketers predict habits, allowing to plan and execute marketing campaigns much more strategically and with a lower chance of error.

With anything involving the personal data we product there is always a concern about our privacy and our safety. As AI evolves, so must our laws on what data of ours companies can and cannot use. In the realm of marketing AI should be used as a tool to put customers’ needs and interests first and to help business to create innovative and creative marketing strategies that keep their customers in mind.

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