Brands are Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Their Business Strategy

In the 21st century, existent brands and hopeful entrepreneurs are beginning to rethink the ways in which they market to their customers. In an increasingly interconnected world, standard customer service will not cut it anymore. For customers it is important to feel prioritized by the brands that they consume. Human beings are not robots. We are driven by our emotions. And what we buy is influenced by how we feel. Any business that hopes to survive must create a customer experience that is in tune with how their customers are feeling.

Let’s take retail stores for example. Shopping in retail stores can be hectic and exhausting and most of us, even those of us who love to shop, would not want to waste time in an environment that is messy and anxiety inducing. With tech companies like Amazon and eBay paving the way for online shopping everywhere, many of us have chosen to skip the hassle of shopping in person all together. If retail stores want to keep up they must become emotionally and digitally intelligent. How your customers feel when they enter your store will greatly impact whether or not they purchase from your store. Though online shopping is quite popular, the vast majority of us still want to be able to feel and see the product in person before we purchase. Stores that have an online shopping option, provide a relaxing in-store atmosphere, and make it their mission to make sure that customers are well tended to throughout their shopping journey are more likely to see higher sales.

Part of creating an emotionally intelligent brand is making customers feel part of an experience not just part of a transaction. In the digital age this means brands must be accessible to their customers on the internet and through smart devices. Brands like Nordstrom has decided to revamp their company to suite the digital generation with introduction of their new retail store “Nordstrom Neighborhood”. Unlike a traditional retail store, Nordstrom Neighborhood does not actually house their products in-house. Instead Nordstrom Neighborhood accompanies Nordstrom’s e-store, allowing customers to purchase their items online and within a couple of hours those products are made available for pick-up in the Nordstrom Neighborhood. For those of us with busy schedules and not enough time to go to the mall, an innovation like this allows them to seamlessly purchase and pick-up their products online and in person on their own time.

Having a human element to business is necessary for any brand that hopes to be lucrative. Technological innovation has opened up an opportunity of businesses to become more aware of just who their customers are and what they feel and how to best interact with them.

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