How Amazon Utilizes AI During the Holiday Season

November 28, 2023 ENKI Team

Amazon utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) extensively throughout its operations, especially during the holiday season. Scot Hamilton, Vice President for last-mile delivery routing and planning technology at Amazon, describes AI as essential, working seamlessly from the moment a customer places an order to the delivery at their doorstep.

“We make countless decisions every day, and we want to make even better versions of those decisions. AI continually helps us improve day after day, minute after minute, so we can take packages to our customers in safer, better, and more efficient ways.”

Scot Hamilton, vice president for last-mile delivery routing and planning technology at Amazon

Ways Amazon utilizes AI:

⚫ Amazon’s Supply Chain Optimization Technology (SCOT) uses deep learning to forecast demand for over 400 million products daily, deciding on inventory quantities and locations across Amazon facilities.

⚫ The introduction of transformer technology enhances forecasting accuracy, allowing Amazon to stock a broader selection of products efficiently.

⚫ AI-enabled robots equipped with machine vision play a crucial role in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. These robots recognize, sort, and inspect diverse goods, ensuring faster processing and delivery.

⚫ Generative AI is used to simulate scenarios, helping train machine learning models for peak periods like Cyber Monday.

⚫ A robot named “Robin” utilizes AI-enhanced vision to categorize and handle items before loading them onto delivery trucks.

⚫ AI helps predict and manage unexpected events, such as changes in delivery schedules or adverse weather conditions. AI is crucial in route optimization, employing over 20 machine learning models to make real-time decisions for efficient and safe deliveries.

AI brings constant improvement to Amazon’s operations, enabling better decision-making for delivering packages in safer, more efficient ways.

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