How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Us More Creative

Amplifying human creativity with artificial intelligence

The rise of Artificial Intelligence has been the cause for great concern for many workers, as studies have predicted that AI technology could replace up to 14% of the global work force by the year 2030. And many technologists have warned of the impending “AI Apocalypse”. But the advancement AI technology does not necessarily mean that we will be replaced by robots. And in many ways advancements in AI technology will help human beings to be more creative and more productive in our work.

We have already begun to integrate Artificial intelligence into our everyday lives. Many of us with smart devices have access to AI powered digital assistants that help us with everyday tasks such as making our schedules, ordering food, and taking notes. AI can free up our time from repetitive tasks that take away from the creative process. With more time in the day and our brains liberated from time-consuming tasks we can invest our time in creative ventures and are much more likely to be more innovative.

The predictive capabilities made possible by Artificial Intelligence has also aided marketers and business owners to be more creative in the way they market to their customers. AI can consume and analyze a lot more data than a person, and this ability allows AI to collect a more accurate picture of who a brand’s audience is and what they are interested in as well as their purchasing habits. Instead of just understanding what customers are engaged in, with AI we now have the power to understand “why” customers make the decisions they do. With more data comes more context and insight about an individual and this gives marketers the ability to be more authentic and creative in their solutions.

We can push the boundary farther than ever thought possible because with Artificial Intelligence. We finally have the technology that allows us to consume and interpret data at incredible speeds as well as eliminate grunt work that takes up too much of our time. We are on the precipice of a new frontier in technology and are now more than ever connected to the technology we have created. The possibilities that will open up to us because of AI are endless. But there are also questions and concerns around AI that should be addressed. Ultimately, we are in a stage in technological evolution where we must begin to ask where we, human beings, find our place in an ever-advancing world.

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