January 9, 2019 ENKI Team
Want to know what the world’s largest animal is? Google it. Want to know how tall the Sears Tower is? Google it. Want to know how old the Taj Mahal is? Google it. In just 20 years, the word Google has become synonymous with primary internet research. Though Google is not the only online search engine, it is certainly the most famous and successful one. Google owes its success to its ability to provide the most optimal search results as well as its awesome work culture.
The need for a universal database of information was first made apparent at the end of the second World War. American scientist Vannevar Bush stressed that a public record of all knowledge would help to advance scientific research and humanity more broadly. Almost 50 years later after the invention of the internet, online search engines such as AltaVista, Lycos, and Yahoo were created. Many early model online search engines utilized algorithms that would compare keywords typed into the search engine to keywords stored in databases of textualized keywords to generate a list of webpages that included the most similar text. This method was not always optimal and often would not always link to the most relevant pages first.
Google is the brainchild of two Stanford graduate students looking to create an optimized version of the universal online library. They recognized the error in previous search engine programming and developed a mathematical function that when applied to the original algorithms, automatically sorted search results placing the most relevant data at the top of the page. Google became the leader of the pack because it provided the most optimal online searches.

Google is also a wonderful place to work. Google has truly taken to heart the values that they believe allow their employees to be the most creative and most productive. The work hours at Google are truly flexible. There is no fixed 9 to 5 schedule in a stuffy office, you can work from your living room or from the slopes of Mammoth Mountain. It doesn’t matter when or where you work as long as the work is done. The Google headquarters has a slide in the lobby and employees are encouraged to bring their dogs to work. Perks include massages and free catered food. And Google encourages an environment of collaboration, innovation, and respect amongst its employees. Google believes that to bring the best out of their employees, their environment should be one in which they want to be in.


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