How to Network During a Pandemic

February 24, 2021
February 24, 2021 ENKI Team
It is 2021, a new year. But there is one thing that is still the same: we are in a global pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic is far from being over, but there does appear to be hope on the horizon. Many companies have now released effective vaccines, and populations worldwide are beginning to get their first doses of them. However, we will likely have to adhere to strict public health guidelines for the time being. This includes social distancing, wearing masks, staying six feet apart in public, etc. Despite the abnormality of a pandemic, there are still everyday things that we all need to do that can’t always be put on hold, such as job hunting or networking. So how do we do these things safely?

Use the Time you Have to Master a New Skill

The global pandemic has forced us to spend less time outside and more time indoors to keep ourselves and each other safe. Staying home for such long periods can feel monotonous, but there are ways in which you can use this time to your advantage. With the extra time, we all have, now is the perfect time to enroll in an online course to help build new skills or polish old ones. If you need a job, which many of us are, fostering a new skill set can help you get a step closer to getting one. Many digital platforms cater to online learning and allow you to receive certifications upon completion. There are also free platforms like YouTube that contain a wealth of knowledgeable people creating free educational content such as mastering a new programming language.

Zoom Zoom Zoom!

We may not be able to meet in person, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t stay connected. The internet is an incredible tool that allows us to do just that. In addition, the internet’s capabilities can also be used to help you network as well. For example, Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows users to set up virtual conference rooms. Many companies have turned to Zoom to conduct job interviews and stay connected to their staff. If you aren’t using Zoom already to connect with others professionally, now is a great time to start.

Polish your Social Media

As stated earlier, we all have a lot more time on our hands than before. One way you can use this time is to update your social media accounts. LinkedIn is the most popular social media site that recruiters use to find potential employees. Creating or polishing an existing LinkedIn account can help you appeal to potential employers and recruiters. Make sure that your profile is up to date with your current and past employment statuses. You can also utilize it to expound upon your employment experience and what you can bring to the table.

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