Nektar Baziotis

President – CEO

Deep background in Artificial Intelligence, E-Learning, Technology, Cognitive Science, Product, UI/UX, and Business Strategies.

Nektar Baziotis is a Co-Founder of ENKI Inc. (Santa Monica, CA) and Apogee Information Systems (Luxembourg, LU), plus he is the Head of Technology at Expert DOJO (Santa Monica, CA).

Nektar has more than 20 years of experience in International Business Development, IT Project Management, IT Business Consulting, E-Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Previously, he successfully implemented large-scale IT products and services for the United Nations, the European Commission, the European Parliament, Organizations, Companies, and Startups in several countries.

Nektar has been featured in several magazines on Artificial Intelligence, E-Learning Strategies, and Implementation Roadmaps.

As a leading technological innovation, Nektar managed a large team to create ICARUS AI, an E-Learning platform combining knowledge management, machine learning, and profile cognitive understanding. For the next phase, he has deployed a strategy for combining E-Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Nektar is driven, and ambitious. Nektar holds a BA in Maths (AUTH GR), a Master of Business Administration (Sheffield UK), Artificial Intelligence (MIT US), and Entrepreneurship (Wharton US).


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