Python and its Limitations

February 23, 2022 ENKI Team
Python is one of the most widely used programming languages by developers worldwide. This is in part because Python is an easy programming language to learn for novices and experts alike. Python’s syntax is simple, and its code is written in basic English, making it easy to understand. Python’s standard library is also vast, allowing the programmer to accomplish a myriad of tasks without having to code from scratch. These features and more make Python a go-to for most programmers interested in developing web applications and mobile apps. But despite its popularity and ease of use, there are some limitations to Python as a programming language.


The speed at which Python operates is one of the concerns many developers have about the programming language. Unlike Java, C++, and other more modern languages, Python is relatively slow. Operating speed is crucial to developing and deploying web applications and mobile apps on time. To increase Python’s operating speed, developers would have to create and employ a custom runtime to the language rather than using Python’s default runtime.


Python is one of the most common use computing languages. It is easy to learn and flexible, allowing it to meet the needs of the many people who turn to it for their computing needs. That said, one of the drawbacks of Python is the vast amount of memory that is required to support the program. All computers have a finite amount of memory available to store various applications. If you are utilizing Python to build a website or mobile application, chances are it will take out a huge chunk of your already limited memory capacity. Not only does this leave less room for other applications to run, but it can also affect the speed of your computing device.

Increased Testing

Because Python is a dynamic programming language, it does not require developers to define variables whilst declaring them. This feature allows programmers t code more freely than with other programming languages. However, the lack of defined variables inevitably leads to increases in errors and bugs along the way that must be addressed when trying to run the program. Programmers who utilize Python will also have to perform an increased amount of testing on the program to ensure these errors and bugs are caught and corrected.

Web Capabilities

Though Python is a language that many programmers like to use for scripting when building web applications, it’s lacking in key features that would make it ideal for web development. Unlike other languages, Python does not come with built-in web development capabilities. Along with python, programmers often must run additional Python web frameworks to help with the development of web applications.

Mobile Computing

Mobile apps often must be written in a particular programming language to work on specific mobile platforms (iOS vs. Android). Though mobile apps c nabe built using Python, Python cannot directly develop mobile apps for specific mobile platforms, and often programmers must use frameworks alongside Python to build the mobile apps for certain platforms.

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