The Most In-Demand Tech Skills for Data Scientists

Over the last decade, the field of technology and data science has drastically changed. Many companies have begun to adopt AI and machine learning technologies for data collection and analysis. IT companies are desperate to fill the gap in expertise between data scientists and evolving technology. For those hoping to start a new career in data science or improve upon their current data science background, below is a list of the most in-demand skills for data scientists to have.

Knowing Programming Languages

Knowing a programming language is an essential skill to have for any successful data scientist in the 21st century. Many data scientists will work with big data, so they must know which programming language works best for cleaning and analyzing data. Most computer scientists like to utilize Python, as it is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Python can also handle giant sets of data as well. Other programming languages one might want to have in one’s arsenal include R, JavaScript, SQL, Java, and Scala.

Machine Learning Skills

Data science and machine learning are becoming more intertwined as machine learning becomes a more popular tool for IT companies to use to process data. Machine learning techniques can be utilized to solve data science problems, so it is an increasingly important skill for data scientists to have.

Probability and Statistics

The core function of data science is to derive meaning and insights from data through the use of algorithms. These insights can then be used by companies for decision-making. Having a basic handle on probability and statistics will help you create informed estimates about data by understanding the most likely outcomes as dictated by patterns found in the data sets.

Business Know-How

As data science becomes a more critical driving factor for businesses and business decisions, it is important that those who study that data are knowledgeable about the businesses and marketplaces from which they collect data and extract insight. Knowing what problems your particular business is trying to solve will help you utilize the data you collect more effectively.

As Artificial Intelligence continues to advance, business and industry leaders will continue to utilize its capabilities to enhance business decisions and innovate the way they operate. With AI quickly becoming more integral to the way we conduct everyday business, it is imperative that we also have experts at the ready who are knowledgeable in data science and can make the most of the capabilities AI possesses. Data science is one of the fastest-growing fields of employment, creating many opportunities for those fresh out of college looking for a job or those who have worked for a while and are interested in changing careers. With the right skill set, one can make the leap to becoming a data scientist and contribute to the growing field, leveraging their skills to create valuable insights that will allow us to truly understand the data we collect.

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