The Positive Impact of Google

December 11, 2020
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December 11, 2020 ENKI Team
It is hard to imagine a world without Google. Thanks to Google’s search engine, we can know more than ever before, and most information we need is easy to access online. Of course, Google is neither the first nor the only online search engine available for us to use, but it is one of the best and by far the most popular. But what makes Google’s search engine so great?

Google is Fast in its Delivery

Part of what makes an excellent online search engine is its ability to deliver relevant information as fast as possible. Google can provide the fastest results because they have perfected their hardware to do so. In under a second, one can find information on almost anything they can think of by simply “Googling” it. Google takes particular caution to make sure that its infrastructure is always working so that no matter the circumstances, we can still rely on Google as a premium search engine.

Google Houses A LOT of Information

Google is the fastest and most accurate search engine in the world. This is because Google’s database is vast! Every day Google processes about 20 petabytes of data from the billions of searches conducted on it. Using that data, they utilize machine learning technology to deliver the most meaningful results to their audience. Google also takes its time to update its hardware to store more and more information to provide new info to its users regularly.

Using Data, Google Stays Relevant

Sometimes it feels like Google already knows what I want to search for, even before typing my request into the search engine. However, Google also uses the plethora of data it collects and stores to remain relevant to its users. Using machine learning and predictive analytics, they can understand their user’s patterns and behavior and more accurately deliver the content they crave.

Google Succeeded in Branding Itself

Part of the success of Google’s search engine was their ability to brand themselves as the search engine that everyone wants to use. Many search engines like Yahoo and Bing work reasonably well, but they never come to mind when searching for something. However, unlike the competition, Google made itself be known not just by providing excellent service; they also advertised that they were a great service. From billboards to commercials featuring celebrities, Google made a name for itself as a brand.

Positive Impact of Google’s Search Engine

With Accurate and relevant information available to us at the click of a button, Google’s search engine has made information and learning much more accessible. What used to be reserved for those privileged enough to have academic work available is now available to everyone. When used properly, a search engine like Google’s makes gaining knowledge and spreading knowledge simple and easy. All one needs is a device capable of accessing the internet, and with smart technology more readily available, almost everyone can use Google.


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