How Amazon Conquered the E-Shop Battle

Its late November. Holiday season is in full swing. Holidays means shopping. And shopping means stress. Large crowds, screaming children, pushing and shoving to get the last flat screen tv. But through the growing fog of your shopping-educed anxiety is a light. It is Amazon.

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. With Amazon all your shopping can be done from the comfort of your bed. Amazon is not the only online retailer. Most businesses in the 21st century have online retail features in order to broaden their customer base and maximize their sales. But Amazon is the most successful.

In the early 1990’s computer technology had become more practical and affordable for the average person to own and increasing amounts of With the introduction of the home computer and the Internet came a brand-new market place. Businesses around the globe began to create internet domains and selling their products online. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos began his company in 1995 and originally designed its site as an online book retailer. Shortly after its creation Amazon had already sold books to people in all 50 states and to people in over 40 different countries. Amazon was not the only big-name online retailer to come out of the 1990’s. eBay, another online retailer, had become a giant thanks to its auction-style selling. Amazon tried to adopt this style and failed. But Amazon survived the 90’s to become the successful company it is today because they never hesitated to take risks and innovate. Amazon went from selling books to selling pretty much everything! And Amazon’s stellar customer service helped to rocket Amazon to the top.

One of the innovations that has led to Amazon’s huge customer base is the smart ways in which they provide quality customer services. Amazon invented online tools that allow customers to track the status of their package from purchase to the moment it shows up at their doorstep. With Amazon Prime, many packages can be delivered to customers the same day as their purchase. Amazon has also simplified the return and exchange process, making it easy on the customers to get their correct packages and get them as fast as possible.

Amazon has also made it their mission to connect with their customers online as much as possible. Amazon has a large social media presence. One can contact Amazon through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and they will get a swift response with helpful tools to solve their problem.

Amazon helped to revolutionize the holiday shopping season by offering customers the chance to purchase discounted products online, eliminating the need to go to crowded malls and fight with other people in order to get a deal. Amazon first began advertising its holiday sales on social media in 2008 ahead of most other online retailers; they also provided one of the most extensive assortments of products one could buy. Now shoppers could buy their electronics, clothes, books, even a boat, all at the same location with a guarantee that their purchase will arrive at their home on time and if not that the problem will be resolved quickly.

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