How Apple Became a Technological Mogul

Apple was founded in the spring of 1976. Since then, it has grown into a multi-billion-dollar corporation that has cornered the market on computers, cell phones, tablets, etc. When you think of smartphones, you think of Apple. But how did a company that started in the garage of a college drop-out, become so successful?

Apple made computer technology better.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak did not invent the computer; They took the computer and made it better. Before Apple computers, many computers were large and bulky, their hard drives took up entire rooms, and the computer monitor was small and hard to see. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak realized that if they increased the size of the monitor and decreased size of the hard drive, made it internal, the computer could become much more popular amongst the general public. Since its foundation Apple has continued to improve on existent technology.

IBM invented the smartphone in the early 1990’s, and for many potential customers the phone seemed inconvenient and unattractive. Apple took the smart phone and made it sleeker; it could fit in your pocket, the screen was in full color; In short, it looked cool!

Apple also made a product that was exclusive and well-made. Many Apple products can run up to $800-$1000 a piece. But with that price comes incredible features, an incredible product that integrates seamlessly with their other products. You could write a note on your iPhone and it will appear on your MacBook and your Apple Watch. All of your technology is synced. When you buy an apple product you become part of the Apple family. And that includes perks like the Genius Bar. The Genius Bar is a tech team in the Apple stores that specialize in supporting Apple users with their devices.

Apple is not just a phone or a computer. It is a brand, a lifestyle. In 1984, Apple released an ad during the Super Bowl. The ad, which was design at a shot at IBM, posits Apple products as disruptors to old outdated computers. In the ending sequence, text crawls across the screen reading, “On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like ‘1984.” The text refers to the classic novel 1984, a story about humanity being controlled by a tyrannical government. In the ad, a young woman smashes the old technology and frees humanity from its grips. To date, the 1984 Apple commercial is one of the most famous commercials to have ever been produced because it was youthful, edgy and controversial. Presently, Apple has successfully marketed its new iPhones with a very successful campaign that actively involved its user base. iPhone users were encourage to take photos with their new iPhones. These photos were then displayed worldwide on billboards and in commercials. The photos taken with the iPhones were incredibly beautiful and rivaled that of photos taken by professional cameras such as the Cannon. With Apple, you can now take professional, high-quality photos with just your phone. Apple has built itself as the disruptor to the old, often being the first to offer more user-friendly features from built in keyboards to touch screens and automatic synchronization of its products.

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